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White marble Marble iPhone 7 Case

White marble – Marble iPhone 7 Case


  • Suitable for iPhone 7
  • Authentic marble for the ultimate protection from bumps and scratches
  • Every case is unique because of the natural coloring of the marble
  • Black polycarbonate for optimal protection
  • Protects your iPhone from harmful weather conditions (sunlight or rain)
  • Protects the borders of your phone
  • Natural and luxury look
  • Cutouts for the camera, charger, volume buttons and the jack plug
  • 1 year warranty

The best that nature has to offer

Marble is natural stone that consists mainly of limestone. This limestone is formed from the remains of animals and plants that have been crushed between the earth layers for tens of thousands of years. Processing this material creates beautiful colors and structures that catch the eye. Protect your iPhone with a real marble case! The case has a high quality value and looks chic. The green shades give a unique and different look. The polycarbonate ensures a great and comfortable grip. All the ports, plugs and buttons are easily usable with the cover as there are cutouts. The case protects your iPhone from scratches, bumps, dust and weather conditions like sun and rain.

Protect your iPhone with this case and buy it now!