The newest headphones designed by Sony: The H.ear on headphones!

Sony introduced their headphones at De Merkenwinkel this week. Sony wanted to present their headphones in a special way for a period of 5 days. They asked us to design custom made displays made out of wood combined with steel, to put the headphones on. And to be honest, the result was amazing! It took a lot of time to come up with the design but everything turned out better than expected.

The h.ear on headphones combine hi-res audio quality with a gorgeous design and comfort to listen to it for as long as you like! Breathtaking sound has never looked so good.

The headphones are available in the following colors: lime yellow, viridian blue, charcoal black, bordeaux pink and cinnabar red. Each of them has a cord of 1,2 meter attached, matching the colors of the headphone itself. The headphones are smartphone friendly and have a remote control and microphone in the cord.

We love to design custom made products and it was a privilege to be asked by Sony to create holders for their beautifull headphones.

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Let us know what you think about the headphones and the custom made holders! 


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