After two weeks of painting, styling and hard work gather finally opened their first conceptstore in Harlem, and they are very excited to show it to you!

This is the start of a period in which there will be plenty to do at Gather. There will be an amazing tasting, an interesting day full of information for entrepreneurs and a super fun kids event.

Also, you will soon find a hairdresser, an interior decorator and more interesting people at Gather the next few weeks.
Even one of the best entrepreneurial banks of the Netherlands, Rabobank, shares their knowledge!

To promote the brands that are going to work with Gather (including us!), they are working together with the storytellers of Awareness Engineers. This month, they regularly keep PR Consultation for all the participating brands. During the " meet and greet" Tamara Bok, the founder of Awareness Engineers, will be there to listen to your stories and PR needs.

Gather is the missing link to the world of fashion, art, music, design , beauty, food and lifestyle caught in one label, one room and one look. It's a mix of startup goods & high end consumer goodies where customers step into a whole new world and leave with a story.

Interested in visiting Gather? here's the adress: Kruisweg 68B, 2011 LE te Haarlem.
De opening times are from 10:00 till 19:00 and on sunday from 12:00 till 18:00!

Visit soon!

Written by Jamie Sikkema